The Earthbound Report

I tend to avoid portmanteau words as much as I can, but today I’m going to break my usual rules and write about flexitarianism.

A flexitarian, in case you haven’t encountered the word, is someone who is mostly vegetarian. It could apply to someone who eats almost entirely vegetarian but breaks their rules a few times a year at barbecues. Or it could be someone who eats meat two days out of three. So it’s a broad church and not the most precise of words. Nevertheless, it represents one of the most promising opportunities on the table when it comes to reducing the risk of dangerous climate change:

“Reduction in meat consumption to a healthy dietary intake, that is flexitarianism, offers an immediate, accessible and effective opportunity to mitigate climate change and its negative impacts. There is overwhelming evidence that shows the most valuable, meaningful, fast and inexpensive action that…

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